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Benefits of English Speaking and Personality Development Course

Improve your Personality Drastically

Convey Your Thoughts Clearly

Develop Your Business Communication

Skyrocket Your Career Growth

Crack Your Job Interview

Learn to use make impressive sentences

Develop Leadership Skills

Become a Confident Public Speaker

Improve your presentation skills online

Write Powerful Emails

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Ever wondered why some people are not able to speak English effortlessly?

Though these people understand English, they at times struggle to talk. 
Have you ever experienced this? 
You watch movies, you surf through internet and YouTube videos, you binge watch English series on Netflix and Amazon Prime, BUT when it comes to you talking in English, you hesitate, you feel nervous. You tend to translate from your native language. Words do not come to your mind. You have to think, search for words.
And then you realized you needed to take some action. 
You went and searched for videos to improve your communication. 
You read blogs. 
You looked for tips and tricks. 
You even might have installed an app.  
And yet, the struggle for English conversation is constant. 
Worry Not ! 
If communication and English speaking are the biggest hurdles in your career, we have a solution for you. 

After going through English Speaking and Personality Development Course you will be able to speak in English with confidence, You will enhance your personality in the next 2 months.

I promise you, you will be a different person after going through this program.

Before I give the solution let me ask you how many times you have faced above-mentioned problems? In your personal and professional life? I bet that number will be high.

I know you understand English but when it comes to Speak you struggle a lot.

You watched videos on YouTube, you tried the methods but you did not get results?

I am pretty sure you are reading this because you want to overcome your fear of English Speaking.

But before I give you the solution I want to ask you a few important questions.

Did you watch Videos to improve your communication?

Did you read blogs, tips to enhance your English Speaking abilities?

Did you install an application on Spoken English?

Did you try to work on your grammar?

Probably your answer will be yes for at least one or two questions.

After training 7450+ students and working professionals,I have realised that watching videos and downloading applications is not enough for your communication.

Pay Attention to this: To Enhance your Communication Skills you need these two things :

1) A Mentor to guide you
2) A platform where you will learn effective communication strategies LIVE

Without these two things you can achieve 10%,20% or maximum of 30% results.And those results will be temporary.


Therefore we have Created This 2 Months Live Training Program to Help You Speak English With Confidence

Module 1
English Fluency Blueprint

Module 2
Advanced Communication Techniques

Module 3
Public Speaking Challenge

Module 4
Wealth Creation Roadmap

2 Months Live training Program will give you Confidence and Direction to Speak Fluent English and Your Personality Enhancement.

But before I introduce my live training program,It’s important for you to understand who I am. Am I credible enough to teach you communication skills or not?

Sounds fair?

Meet Your Trainer

“My #1 passion is Personality Development and I have dedicated myself To create millions of success stories.”

Hey! I’m Bineika, A Soft Skill & Spoken English Trainer with 10 years of experience.I have trained 7548 students and professionals in my live training. I help individuals and professions to improve their spoken English, soft skills, Writing skills and overall Personality Development.

I am the founder of EnglishGyaan. A platform built for Indians to master Communication and Personality Development. Our Live Training Program has helped thousands of students, homemakers, professionals and business owners for their career & personal growth.

My entire goal is to help you to excel at your communication with the help of the EnglishGyaan Training Program.

I am obsessed with your growth. The only question is are you ready to take action right now?

Benefits you’re going to get if you enroll in the 2 Months Live Spoken English Program

You will learn from an expert having 10 years of experience in soft skills industry

100% practical tips and techniques to overcome your fear of English speaking.

Become a confident speaker at the comfort of your home.

Become confident & fearless speaker with our public speaking module.

1:1 live sessions.Get support from the mentor itself.

How we conduct our

Live Training

Practical Assignments

Personal Assessment

Start Speaking from Day 1

Doubt Solving Session

Life Time Support

Let’s dig deeper into what you are going to get in 2 Months Live Training

Introducing English Speaking and Personality Development Course Your surefire way to communicate with everyone like a pro!!!

Module 1
English Fluency Blueprint

Module 2
Advanced Communication Techniques

Module 3
Public Speaking Challenge

Module 4
Wealth Creation Roadmap

Have a Look at what our students say about English Speaking and Personality Development Course

Testimonials from students who joined English Speaking and Personality Development Course recently

For Whom This Program is Meant For :

Get rid of your Bad Communication Forever

Regular Price 30000
Today’s Special Price 2999 INR Only

But Wait!
We are not finished yet…

We believe in providing 10x value to our students at affordable pricing. From years, we are giving excellent experience and support to our students.

We are not going to let you go unless you get what we have promised.

That’s why we are giving away 6 MASSIVE BONUSES if you enrol today!

Bonus 1
EnglishGyaan App Access

Bonus 2
100 Email Templates

Bonus 3
Official Telegram Group Access

Bonus 4
6 Months Weekly Live Trainings

Bonus 5
20000 Content Writing Articles

Bonus 6
150 PPT Presentation Templates

Picture right now,How would it feel when you are able to enhance your financial growth just because of your communication…

That will be a proud moment for you and your family,right?

You can’t afford to miss this life-changing opportunity at this very low investment.Imagine this: you are not getting a job because of your poor communication OR You are not even able to introduce yourself in front of people.Do you want to repeat those days?

Now you have 3 Options :

Option 1 : Watch ‘N’ number of videos on YouTube,read articles,try to speak fluent english by doing it yourself without any proper guidance.

Option 2 : Buy Recorded course and watch those videos without any live interaction and guidance from an experienced mentor.

Option 3 : Enrol in English Speaking and Personality Development Class right now. Join Live Trainings from a mentor having 10 years of experience.Impress your friends,make your family members proud and take your career to the frontline.Get excellent support in next 8 months and enhance your personality and communication skills like never before!

Now,the choice is completely yours…

100 % Fail-Proof Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident about our product that we are offering a 100% Money back guarantee to our each student. If you did not get results, after trying our methods and techniques email us at englishgyaan1@gmail.com and we will refund your money.

Still have doubts about our Program? Attend Our Demo Classes to understand what kind of experience and benefits you will get inside our program

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who understands English, but is not able to speak English fluently.


After the completion of this program, you will be able to communicate with anyone using grammatically correct English.

On Signup, you will get your username and password where you can access all the deliverables.

After completion of your 2 Months Live Training, You will get a VIP Pass to get access to 6 Months of weekly live training. You will also become part of our Official telegram and Facebook group where you can ask your questions.

To speak English, it’s important to have interaction with people. Also, you will get proper guidance from a mentor. Recording courses can’t do that.