English communication and personality development workshop


Move your career to the next level under expert guidance, recommended & reviewed by 15,000+ working professionals.

English communication and personality development workshop

Move your career to the next level under expert guidance, recommended & reviewed by 15,000+ working professionals.

English communication and personality development workshop

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Why English communication is important?

Good knowledge of English allows you to communicate effectively with international clients, helping them to trust you and your organization resulting in solid and lasting business relationships. People who use English for their work daily need to be able to use it for various purposes, including in meetings and negotiations, managing, writing reports, giving presentations, and in social situations. Communicating and negotiating with clients who speak English makes your skill-set more attractive to companies who conduct business internationally, meaning employees who speak English can often command higher salaries.

Let us break down what we offer and make it simple for you:

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For Whom This Program Is Meant For :



Business Owners

Network Marketers

Aspiring Coaches

Working Professionals

Aspiring Business Owners

People From Direct Selling Industry

What will you learn in
English Communication And Personality Development Workshop ?

Proven Vocabulary techniques

Present yourself like a CEO

Top Tips on Presentation Skills

Start Conversation on The Spot

How you can ace your career

Corporate speaking skills

Our Advance Course Modules Include everything needed To help you Communicate With Everyone Like A professional speaker.

Module 1

English Fluency Blueprint
  • Develop Fluency in English Communication
  • Grammar Applications
  • Structuring the Sentences
  • Comprehension Assignments
  • Introduction to Past Present and Future
  • Effective Writing
  • Communication Exercises

Module 2

Advanced Communication Techniques
  • Pronunciation Techniques
  • Communication Templates
  • Telecommunication
  • Non Verbal Communication
  • Improving Vocabulary
  • Email Drafting
  • Effective Listening Skills

Module 3

Public Speaking Challenge
  • Owning the Stage
  • Overcoming Fears
  • Bodylanguage in Public Speaking
  • Powerdress to Impress
  • Voice Modulation Techniques
  • Delivering Interactive Speeches
  • Crafting your Introduction

Module 4

Wealth Creation Roadmap
  • Identify your personality
  • Goal Setting Formula for Rapid Success
  • Finding your Skills to generate additional Income.

Now with the certification

Now with the certification


Learn Right English From Right Mentor

Limited Seats are available.


Now with the certification

Now with the certification

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Let’s start your journey to become a professional English speaker today at as low as 199/- INR.

Meet your Trainer

"My #1 passion is Personality Development, and I have dedicated myself To creating millions of success stories."

Hey! I’m Bineika, A Soft Skill & Spoken English Trainer with 10 years of experience. I have trained 7548 students and professionals in my live training. I help individuals and professionals to improve their spoken English, soft skills, Writing skills, and overall Personality Development.

I am the founder of EnglishGyaan. A platform built for Indians to master Communication and Personality Development. Our Live Training Program has helped thousands of students, homemakers, professionals, and business owners with their career & personal growth.

My entire goal is to help you to excel at your communication with the help of the EnglishGyaan Training Program.

I am obsessed with your growth. The only question is, are you ready to take action right now?

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Anyone who understands the English language but is not able to speak fluently.

After completing this Program, you can communicate with anyone using grammatically correct English.

After the workshop, if you decide to go for a premium course, then post payment, you will get your username and password where you can access all the deliverables.

After completion of your workshop, You will receive an e-certificate.

It’s essential to interact with people to speak fluent English. Also, you will get proper guidance from a mentor. Recording courses can’t do that.

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