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What will you learn in
English Communication Trial Class?

Importance of English Communication

Effective Vocabulary techniques

Impactful Interview Preparation

Introduction Crafting

Techniques to speak fearlessly

Learn the most Effective ways to speak on ANY Topic without getting stuck

WHY EnglishGyaan Is The Best Choice For Youngsters?

English communication is essential for students and professional’s career growth. Without it, it’s too difficult to get a new job or promotion for everyone.

Our education system doesn’t allow students to work on their personality and communication when they are learning in college.

If we look at the whole picture, our young generation needs to work on this life-changing “Communication Skills” at any cost.

If you master this skill, your professional growth is almost guaranteed (Which will lead to getting a good payscale job ). But, if you don’t it will be harder for you to sustain yourself in this competitive world.

That’s why to help youngsters like you, EnglishGyaan was born 5 years ago.

We have created thousands of success stories and now it’s your time to grow with us.

LIVE Interactive Classes

Lifetime Support

10000+ Students

Ask Your Questions Live

Powerful & Practical Vocabulary

Guidance For Interview Preparation

What are The Benefits of Learning English Communication Skills?

Enhance Your Personality

Improve Writing Skills

Learn Public Speaking

Increase Your Vocabulary

Speak On Any Time,Anywhere

Rapid Professional Growth

Crack Any Interview

Secure Reputed Job

Remove English Language Fear

Build Confidence

Become Fluent English Speaker

Develop Leadership Skills

Message from your Trainer

Words are mightier than Sword.

I have grown up believing in this saying. The manner in which you communicate has a massive impact.
Being raised in the family of Teachers and Trainers, I always wanted to be one. I was so passionate to speak, to influence, and to inspire that it came naturally to me. As I started dreaming of becoming one, my dreams were shattered when I faced the reality that I had a severe speech Impediment of ‘Stamerring’.

Then started my struggle. The struggle of facing rejection, the struggle of facing nervousness, the struggle of being ignored by the world.I had 2 choices:

1. To give up
2. Fight back

Needless to say that I chose to Fight back and prove to the world that I am good for everything. This zeal made me reach where I am today.

My journey started in 2008. I worked with WNS, a leading MNC in Mumbai. I bagged my 1st opportunity to train a team of 25 odd people and successfully made them Discover their new selves. Then there was no looking back. I started changing people’s lives for the good and earned many reputed names in my kitty. I have successfully trained the staff serving under big banners like:

1. ICT
3. Pantaloons
4. Various Spoken English Institutes.

I gained knowledge that all of them need a Mentor and without a Mentor they are helpless. Then came the emergence of EnglishGyaan, where I have put my experience of 12 years and I am still impacting the life of every Middle class person whose dream is to speak confidently and I make it an achievable dream.

Dreams are meant to be ACHIEVED and not just DREAMT.
I being the founder of EnglishGyaan believe that:
Practice will not make you perfect.
PRACTICE will make you realize your Imperfections and then make you start your journey towards Perfection.
EnglishGyaan is a Learning platform for every person who has the same Zeal and Passion to make a difference.

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Yes, there is! It’s not possible to learn English communication in 1.30 hours webinar. However, we try our best to give as much as value possible in webinar. If you want to learn further, we have our live training program.

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